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FFC Park - Field Status


FFC Park is CLOSED, Thursday Oct 29 thru Nov 1st inclusive.

Fields 13 and 15 are CLOSED for practices.

No practice in penalty areas. Repetitive drills in off field locations only.

Please check with your coach regarding practices.

NOTE: To participate, you must have a hold harmless agreement filed with FFC

Please avoid wet/soggy areas at all times.
(Penalty areas MUST NOT be used for warmup/practice)

Last updated:10/29/2020


Information below was last updated on 08/25/2020.


Participation in the Fall 2020 recreation soccer season is restricted to those who have registered and have completed a COVID-19 Hold Harmless Waiver form and submitted it to FFC.
If you have any questions related to this waiver, please email BOTH [email protected] AND [email protected] with your request.

Eight hours before a practice or game, TeamSnap will open an option for self-health-check. It is IMPORTANT for the health ad safety of all recreation soccer players, parents, coaches and officials to self-screen their health symptoms before each game or practice. The TeamSnap app makes this simple for parents, coaches and players (Referees will follow their organization's guidelines). For more details on how this works, CLICK HERE.

Details regarding the current accommodations and safety precautions can be found HERE.

1 July 2020 - VYSA Return to Play (Phase 3) Guidelines can be found HERE.


FFC Park is owned and maintained by Fredericksburg FC. Great care and attention is taken to ensure that FFC Parks' facilities are some of the best in the area, with all-grass fields. On occasion, the park may be closed due to maintainence or to preserve the grounds after heavy or consistent rain. FFC appreciates your understanding when these natural events occur that are beyond our contro.

It is important that all visitors to FFC Park respect the facilities.

  • NO PETS are permitted. Service animals are welcome.
  • No digging/picking at the fields or surrounding areas
  • No climbing on soccer goals/nets
  • Avoid wet/soft/soggy spots
  • No repetitive drills within lined field areas
  • No use of penalty areas is permitted for practices
  • Please either take your trash home, or use the trash cans provided at the FFC Pavillion
  • Rest room facilities are closed due to COVID-19. Portable facilities are located in the corner of the parking lot.

FALL 2020 Recreation Soccer - Practice Schedule

All practices will be held at FFC Park, 1898 Mills Drive, Fredericksburg.

  • FALL2020 practices are scheduled to begin the week of Tuesday 1 September 2020 and will start no earlier than 5:30pm.
  • Known practice details are published below, however there may be field changes - your coach will provide updates via TeamSnap
  • Field locations for practices are identified at the bottom of this section..

Practice Field Locations for Recreation Teams

Please check TeamSnap and with your coach regarding practices and practice areas.


Your coach can be contacted via TEAMSNAP.
Coaches emails are provided here for reference:

Practice Area 1 and Practice Area 2 can also be used - particularly for repetitive drills.
Penalty areas must not be used for drills. Please move goals to the 18yd line or off field location for shooting/corner-related drills.

Game Schedule

FALL 2020 Recreation Soccer - Game Schedule

Spectator groups should practice social distancing at all times and remain at least 10 feet apart from other spectator groups. Spectators should remain together and ensure that non-participating children are also adhering to social distancing practices. Masks are recommended for all visitors to FFC Park.

 All games will be held at FFC Park, 1898 Mills Drive, Fredericksburg.

Games will begin on Saturday 12 SEPTEMBER 2020.
Game schedule will be published to TEAMSNAP. Please check back for future updates.  (Last updated 08/25/2020)

  • Game Schedule will be available via TeamSnap. Games will mostly be on Saturday mornings with some mid-week games replacing practice.

Game Formats

 U8 5v5 (with GK) 3 4 x 10 min  1/3 field 6' x 4'
 U10 7v7 (with GK) 4 4 x 10 min 1/2 field 6' x 18'
 U12 9v9 (with GK) 4 2 x 30 min* 1/2 field 7' x 21'
 U14 / U15 11v11 5 2 x 35 min* Full field 8' x 24'
 HS 11v11 5 2 x 40 min* Full field 8' x 24'

* A water break may occur mid-way through each half if pre-arranged with the referee.

Where do Spectators Sit?

Unless otherwise directed, spectators should sit on the opposite sideline to the teams/coaches. Spectators should sit between the 18yd lines and should not be to the side of the penalty areas nor behind the end line/goals - this is particularly important for games that are U12 and above as it greatly helps the game officials/referees. The following illustration should help:

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Fredericksburg FC - Soccer Club

PO Box 3895 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22402

Phone: 540-760-6409
Email: [email protected]
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