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  • Gatherings should be limited to 50% occupancy of the event space, if applicable, or 50 participants, whichever is less. 

  • For high contact areas, routinely disinfect surfaces at least every 2 hours. 

  • Provide a place for employees and customers to wash hands with soap and water, or provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers containing at least 60% alcohol. 

  • Indoor and outdoor recreational sports may occur if ten feet of physical distance can be maintained by all instructors, participants, and spectators, with the exception of incidental contact or contact between members of the same household. This applies during instruction and practice and during competitive events. Competition that involves close contact with other athletes must be avoided. 

  • Post signage at the entrance that states that no one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days. 

  • Ensure anyone who has symptoms of, has tested positive for, or has been exposed to COVID-19 follows appropriate guidelines for quarantine or isolation. Persons with symptoms should stay home until CDC criteria for ending isolation have been met. 

  • Conduct daily screening of coaches, officials, staff, and players for COVID-19 symptoms prior to admission to the venue/facility

Stated by the VDH :

Soccer is permitted, however, players should not practice throw-in's or use their hands.  Gloves must be worn for Goalkeepers.

Additional Guidelines :

  • Assign a “station” for each player to place their equipment, and that they should return to during breaks.  Players should not pile bags on top of each other and should place their bags / equipment at a minimum of 6ft apart.

  • All players are to be responsible to bring their own bottle of hand sanitizer with them and should be used directly before and after practice.  For players who forgot to bring their hand sanitizer, there will be a station located at the Pavilion.

  • No one is to share water, towels, or any equipment. This includes, but not limited to: balls; all balls should be disinfected after every practice 

  • Avoid intentional contact, however, incidental contact is permitted.

  • Only coaches should place and pick-up cones 

  • Practice Vest/Pinnies; At minimum these must be washed after each use.  Recommend issuing each player their individual practice vest/pinnie 

  • No centralized hydration or refreshment stations 

  • Spectators should be limited and must maintain minimum social distancing, as defined by the CDC.  Parents are allowed inside FFC Park and encouraged to observe or exercise while respecting CDC guidelines.

  • Respect for each individual’s choices must be the top priority. If a participant wishes to wear a face mask this should be allowed, and accommodations should made if needed

FFC Park Pavilion Restrooms will be CLOSED during Phase 2.  Handicap Accessible Port-a-Jon's ( 2 ) will be provided and should be used for emergency use only.  Please do your very best to use the restroom directly before coming to training.

Signage will be posted to highlight Social Distancing guidelines and
no one permitted with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days.

All upcoming FFC training & events are voluntary and no player or family should feel pressured to attend or participate in anything they do not feel comfortable with.

All players must complete the Communicable Disease Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement before participating in any future activities.   This also includes tryout & guest players.

Recommended Training Exercises :

  • Individual and Group Agility & Fitness Drills
  • Dribbling and Technical Drills
  • Unopposed Passing Patterns
  • Shooting Drills, ensuring Goalkeepers are using Gloves if they are being utilized
  • Competitive relay style games, while ensuring social distance is respected.

As recommended by the Governor of Virginia, please use 'common sense' when preparing your practice sessions during this time.


Stay home if... 

You are feeling sick 

You have a sick family member at home

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Fredericksburg FC - Soccer Club

PO Box 3895 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22402

Phone: 540-760-6409
Email: [email protected]

Fredericksburg FC - Soccer Club

PO Box 3895 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22402

Phone: 540-760-6409
Email: [email protected]
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