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Showcase Rules

2018 Virginia Summer Showcase Rules in accordance with VYSA & USYSA Guidelines

Please see Additional FFC Park Facility Usage Rules 

Tournament Headquarters 

FFC Park 

1898 Mills Drive

Fredericksburg, Va 22408

Tel : 540-368-5425

E-mail : [email protected]

Laws of the Game: 

All tournament matches will be played in accordance with FIFA laws of the game accept as modified herein. All decisions by the Tournament Director are final. No protests allowed.

General Prohibitions: 

Alcoholic beverages, smoking, pets, and noise makers are prohibited.

Team Acceptance/Check-in Procedures:

1 The tournament committee reserves the right to accept or reject any team application. 

2 Teams should book through our housing service (see website for details). 

3 Any incomplete application will be returned to sender and not processed for registration. The application is not considered complete until entry fee is received. All applications must be done on- line and no paper applications accepted. PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED PRIOR TO DUE DATE POSTED ON WEBSITE. 

4 No team shall be deemed accepted unless written notification has been sent from the Tournament Director. This can be either E-mail or U.S. postal service mail. 

5 Acceptance/Withdrawal Policy: Once accepted, the application fee is non-refundable. Prior to acceptance (if paid) a full refund will be given minus $50.00. 

6 Fredericksburg FC teams are required to have volunteers or meet the requirements put forth by the tournament director. 

7 Upon acceptance, all teams will be provided a time-line for paperwork submission. If required paperwork is not received, participation in the tournament may be jeopardized. 

8 Accepted teams are required to have laminated player passes (only if required by association) and current medical release form. The medical release form does not have to be notarized and may be the form you use for league play. 

9 All Foreign Teams must present passports at registration. Teams are required to have and present player picture identification cards. Foreign teams must have a completed form from its Provincial or National Association approving the team’s participation in the tournament. 

10 Teams that are members of organizations of the United States Soccer Federation but not members of US Youth Soccer (such as AYSO, SAY, US Club Soccer or Super Y Leagues) DO NOT have to have a US Youth Soccer Application To Travel form (although that team's organization may require that the team have permission). An approved team roster does need to be provided to tournament officials, along with current player passes from its organization. 

11 A check for entry fee that is returned from the bank will not be re-deposited. The amount of the check plus $50.00 (cashier's check or money order) must be received by the tournament committee seven days after the team representative is notified of the returned check. If new funds are not received the team will be disqualified from the tournament. 

12 Communication during the tournament will be with the Team’s Coaching Staff and/or Manager. This is to eliminate any confusion that may occur.

Official Documentation: A participating player may only play for one team (Note; Tournament Director has authority to allow a player to play for more than one team with substantial justification (injury to GK, etc.). Any team who violates this will forfeit their games and may not advance to a semi-final or final game. You must participate with your 2018/2019 roster and provide one copy to the tournament. Guest players are allowed up to seven for all age groups. The maximum roster size being 22 for U14-U19 teams with 18 dressed for game. A current official medical release form and valid player passes are required (laminated only if your association requires such). Fredericksburg FC teams must comply with these rules. Exceptions are subject to review by the tournament committee for a final ruling.

1 Completed and approved Permission to Travel forms are required for all out of State teams. 

i Note: USYS Region One teams do not require a permission to travel. Region I has established the following policy concerning permission to travel when attending US Youth Soccer sanctioned tournaments in Region I.

ii US Club Soccer teams are not required to have USYS permission to travel forms, but must be in good standing with their association. 


Region I has established the following policy concerning permission to travel when attending US Youth Soccer sanctioned tournaments in Region I. The purpose of this policy is to make it as simple as possible for the US Youth Soccer Region I teams to travel to tournaments within Region I. The new policy states that any US Youth Soccer State Association teams within Region I that are accepted into a tournament in Region I, do not need permission to travel papers. Permission to Travel is not required in friendly games within Region I.


Connectiut Jr Soccer Assn
Delaware Youth Soccer Assn
Eastern New York Youth Soccer Assn
Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Assn
Soccer Maine
Maryland Youth Soccer Assn
Massachusetts Youth Soccer Assn
New Hampshire Soccer Assn
New Jersey Youth Soccer Assn
New York State West Youth Soccer Assn
Pennsylvania West State Soccer Assn
Soccer Rhode Island
Vermont Soccer Assn
Virginia Youth Soccer Assn
West Virginia Soccer Assn

2 Guest players: Guest players are to be written on one copy of the official roster (not original) to be provided with your online registration. Guest players must have valid player passes, medical release, and permission to travel. Note: A guest player from another state association must have a permission to travel from their appropriate State association. 

3 Player Equipment: 

i Teams should bring a primary and alternate jersey of different colors. Where the color of the jersey is similar or identical, the designated home team (the team listed first in the schedule) will change jerseys. 

ii All players must have uniforms with individual numbers on the jersey. 

iii No jewelry may be worn by any player (earrings, watches, necklaces, etc.) 

iv Players wearing casts are allowed to play with the approval of the Tournament Director and Referee. A letter from the player’s Doctor approving the player’s participation is required. This letter should be submitted at Registration. 

v Shin guards are mandatory and must be worn at all times by all players. 

vi All referee decisions are final regarding player equipment. 


A. Except where Section 9B applies, substitutions are unlimited, but may be made only at the following restarts with the referee's permission :

  1. Throw-In: For the team in possession. The opposing team may also substitute if and only if the team in possession of the throw-in wishes to substitute.

B. If a National or International Team (16 years and older) is participating in an age division, a limit of only 6 substitutions per team per match is permitted for the entire age division. Substitutions maybe made at any stoppage of play with the referee's permission, in accordance with Law 3 of the Laws of the Game. 

1 Player/Coach/Spectator Behavior: Any player ejected from a match will NOT be replaced and will NOT be allowed to participate in his or her team’s immediate next match. Ejection for fighting by players and coaches will result in the player or coach NOT being allowed to participate in ANY remaining tournament matches. Any coach ejected from a match will not be allowed to coach his/her immediate next match. Each Coach is responsible for the conduct of the players and parents on his/her team. Coaches not taking responsibility for their sideline’s behavior may be cautioned and/or ejected. Any player or coach ejected or spectator asked to leave will not be within sight or sound of the playing field. Per FIFA rules, only players will be shown a card (yellow or red) when being cautioned or sent-off. Two yellow cards in the same match equal an ejection and the player will sit out his/her next immediate match. 

2 Home/Team Field Positions: The Home team is listed first in the schedule. The Home team will change jerseys if there is a conflict. Each team’s players will take a position on one side of the field opposite the spectators. It is requested that all sideline player trash be picked up after the game. 

3 Referees: In the event of a shortage of Assistant Referee, club linesman will be used. 

4 Ball/Play/Half Time:  All games will use a size 5 ball. The tournament provides 
the official adidas game ball(s).

Roster Sizes:

▪ 2005-2000 (U14 to U19) teams are limited to 22 players identified at Registration

Game Duration:    

                                    80 min. 2004-2003 (U15 - U16)                          Halftime - 5 min

                                    90 min. 2002-2000 (U17 - U19)                          Halftime - 5 min


The tournament does not require the referee to add time for substitutions. The official clock will NOT stop for any reason unless in the judgment of the referee:

1 Removing an injured player from the field would endanger the physical well being of the player, or: 

2 Any game shortened due to injury will be continued at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director 

ii. Goal Kick: For either team.

iii. Kick-Off: For either team.

iv. When the referee chooses to prevent play from restarting quickly because of player misconduct: For

either team, except for a player shown the red card.

v. When the referee chooses to prevent play from restarting quickly because of one or more player injuries: For other either team.

1 No Advancement in tournament play, Showcase format. 3 Games Guaranteed  

i. Three (3) points will be earned for a win, one (1) point will be earned for a tie and no points are earned for a loss.

Forfeits: A forfeit shall be awarded if a team is not present and prepared to play within ten minutes of the scheduled commencement time. Ten-minute allowance shall be made for semi-final and championship matches. Any team forfeiting a match will not be allowed to play in a semi-final or championship match. It is requested that teams be present 30 minutes in advance of the scheduled commencement of a match to aid in the timely start of play. Seven players constitute a team for full 18 player rosters. A forfeit will be scored one for the winner, and zero for the forfeiting team.

Inclement Weather: Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear at their respective field site, ready to play as scheduled. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the match. Only the Tournament Director may cancel or postpone a match. Referees may suspend a match only. In case of severe weather, in his/her discretion, Tournament Director(s) may cancel any and all games. In case of severe weather that occurs after the beginning of play, the Tournament Director may reduce the length of the match and may discontinue or cancel the game. Should a match be terminated due to weather conditions after 20 minutes of play, the match will be considered official and the score at the time will stand. If a match is terminated prior to 20 minutes of play, every attempt will be made to complete the match. However, if necessary other means, determined by the tournament committee, may be used to determine a winner. Referees and field marshals will not consider beginning or continuing matches when a lightning storm exists. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IN THE EVENT OF CANCELLATION. Note: Your online application constitutes agreement with these rules and this paragraph.

Disclaimer: Neither the Tournament Committee, Fredericksburg FC, Hotel Service, or the Tournament Sponsors are responsible for any expenses incurred by any team should the tournament be cancelled in whole or part, or in the event games are discontinued or cancelled due to inclement weather or adverse field conditions, nor will any refunds be made. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide all matters pertaining to the tournament. The judgment of the Tournament Committee is final. The Tournament Director has authority to make all decisions and these decisions will be final. All referee decisions are final and binding.

Team Contact Information: Each team, upon checking in at registration, must sign a ledger sheet giving the hotel where the team is staying, the room number of a team contact, the team’s coach or the team’s assistant coach so that these individuals may be contacted in the event that circumstances require such. Be sure your team contact is someone who can be reached at any hour and has a cell phone. All inquires/questions with the Tournament Committee should be from the Team Contact/Coach and not numerous parents from the team as this only delays response.

Important Notes:

1 Have all player passes, official roster, and medical release forms with you at the fields during the tournament. Although only checked at registration, the tournament committee reserves the right to check credentials during the event. US Club Soccer teams must have player cards and official roster and be in good standing. 

2 The tournament is dedicated to the development of all the players participating, good sportsmanship, and the “good of the game”. The Tournament Director may suspend, without recourse or appeal, any players, coaches, or spectators who demonstrate anything less. 


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