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FFC Futsal Program Overview

Fredericksburg FC has established a Competitive Futsal Programming Opportunity

Travel, compete, grow and have fun!

Fredericksburg has been one of the major leaders in providing Year-Round Futsal programming as a key development tool for player and team growth.  FFC was the first travel club in the area to  fully integrate futsal into the club model and co-founded the Futsal Mid-Atlantic Travel Futsal league with FutsalRVA.  FFC has produced teams with compete at both the Regional and National Levels.

The new FFC Select Team Development Program seeks to develop the best futsal and soccer players in the area. This program is designed to provide players an opportunity to train in futsal with players of like ability to to provide the highest level of coaching so players can grow to their highest potential in the game.

About Futsal

Fun and fast, Futsal is a dynamic form of soccer played worldwide. It is a five-a-side game played on a court about the size of a basketball court. The smaller, heavier ball stays on the ground more, encouraging quick play and improving footwork. This makes Futsal an ideal training tool for youth and adults or simply an awesome game on its own.

The game of Futsal began in Uruguay in the 1930’s as a 5-a-side game for youth players in YMCA competitions. It quickly spread throughout South America, becoming most popular in Brazil as a fun pick up form of soccer, often played to lively music with a strong focus on ball control and quick passing. Compared to soccer, futsal demands more versatile players and has a much lower injury rate.

1. More touches. The average players gets 3-4 times as many touches in a Futsal match compared to an outdoor football match. I would argue that it’s even more. With fewer players, smaller space, and an emphasis on keeping the ball on the ground you will get way more touches. This means you will have more time on the ball, make more decisions, be more involved, and gain more experience in a shorter period of time.

2. Quicker decision making. Because of the nature of the game you will be forced to make quicker decisions under pressure. There is no room to be nervous or panic. Instead you must remain calm and make good decisions at a higher speed under more pressure. This can only be good for your development.

3. More 1v1 situations. Futsal forces you to engage in more 1v1 situations. You will become more comfortable taking players on and keeping possession of the ball. But you will also find yourself in more 1v1 defending situations. Futsal forces every player to play both ways. Both your attacking and defending futsal skills will improve every time you play.

4. Encourages creativity. Tight spaces and small nets will force you to find creative ways to break down defences and score on aggressive goalkeepers. You will have to use your technical skills but also your creativity to be unpredictable.

FFC Futsal Program Descriptions

Winter (Dec.- Feb.)

Futsal Select
Travel Futsal Teams train once per Week which compete in Travel Futsal Leagues & Tournaments.  
Season begins End of November through First Week of March.  Ages 9 - 15

H.S. Futsal
Travel Futsal teams which compete in futsal league, with tournament play optional.  Training is not provided.

Winter U5-8 Academy 
Focuses on developing fundamental skills with the ball and continuing to improve speed of play, agility and individual technique with the ball


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Fredericksburg FC - Soccer Club

PO Box 3895 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22402

Phone: 540-760-6409
Email: [email protected]

Fredericksburg FC - Soccer Club

PO Box 3895 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22402

Phone: 540-760-6409
Email: [email protected]
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