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Player and Team Development Model

Fredericksburg FC represents some of the best soccer being played in Virginia, and the surrounding Demographic. When you talk of the best soccer being played here in Fredericksburg / Northern VA, you can also count on that being some of the best soccer being played in the most Competitive Leagues up and down the East Coast. Virginia / Maryland / DC is known for producing the top teams in the country, and is a hotbed for talent that leads to the USA National Boys and Girls Teams. The area also consistently graduates Players into the that most College's, and attracts the highest amount of College Coaches in the country, too.

We take great pride in the style of play here at Fredericksburg FC, and the individual development we give to each player. We see our players in each age group technically more advanced than opposition, and as time progresses, players and teams are showing the signs to begin to dominate in their respected Age Groups and Divisions. Through out the last 2-3 Years, Fredericksburg FC is beginning to be recognized not only for its Developing Teams and Players, but for the way in which the Teams attempt to play.

Fredericksburg FC are constantly working towards a Possession Style of Soccer, that always looks to have a purpose. Building up out of the back, and using all Players in all Positions to maximize the ability to Win Games and Promote the correct Style of Soccer for people to enjoy. We encourage our teams to take risk by playing negative balls and moving the ball around the defensive third of the field allowing us to control the tempo and dictate the Game. We like to build out of the back with an objective to pull opposing teams into our half creating space in the offensive half to attack. We encourage our players to be creative in the offensive half utilizing our Technical Skills to beat our opponents 1 v 1 or identifying numerical advantages and executing the play.

As we build up out of the back, our goal is to get in behind the opposing team whether that be with combination play or with the play going into our Wide Players to create crosses in behind the defense ultimately scoring a goal.  Our style of play is very structured and organized on and off the ball and prepares players to understand the roles of each position. Our main focus is to keep possession of the ball more than our opposing team and through our possession create great scoring opportunities. However, understanding Transitional Play is very important. Our Players need to understand When, Where, and Why we attack. This can come from Build up Play, or as a Counter Attack. This can be very effective against certain opposition, and is also very important for the Players when they leave the Club. They may go to a College Program that Plays a different Style, and they need to be able to adapt and understand why.

Fredericksburg FC is very proud of it's Style of Play, and how the Game is being taught to our Players in the Club. We are looking forward to many Years of success in the near future!


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