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Weather Guidelines

Fredericksburg FC shall follow the policy outlined below for teams that are scheduled to practice outdoors :

Coaches & Managers will be updated via Team Snap for all FFC Park & Virginia Soccer Training Soccer Center Closures and Cancellations.

Training day cancellations & updates will look to be made by no later than 3pm of the day of training.

Depending on where you live, if you don't feel that travel conditions allow you safe travel to and from practice tonight, it is no problem for you to miss. If you do miss, please let us know prior to practice.


1. Field Conditions must be safe and conducive for an effective and productive training session.

2. For teams U13 and YOUNGER, the temperature shall not be lower than 32 degrees, and the wind chill/"feels like" shall not be lower than 27 degrees.

3. For teams U14 and OLDER, the wind chill/"feels like" shall not be lower than 25 degrees.

4. For teams U16 and OLDER, 15 degrees and lower, Extreme Risk - no outdoor activities permitted.

5. Practices may also be cancelled due to rain, sleet, or other factors that may influence road conditions, or greatly affect the effectiveness and productivity of a training session.

Additional Guidelines for U12 & Younger Age Groups :

40 degrees and lower will result in U12 & Younger training time reduced to 1 hour.

30 degrees and lower U12 & Younger may not train outside.

We expect all players to wear multiple layers tonight as well as gloves and hat. Players who are not sufficently dressed and/or experience cold related illnesses will not be able to participate in practice.

Cold & Wet Weather Uniform Policy

Players are required to wear appropriate FFC Logo training gear or non logo Adidas gear. This is Jackets, Sweaters, and Pants. Players who do not have FFC Logo cold weather gear will only be permitted to wear BLACK Adidas cold weather gear. This outwear cannot have any other club branding or logo on it as well. Base Layer under-wear is approved, we recommend Red, Black or White as under-wear gear colors.


  • Up to 89 degrees: normal play

  • 90-99 degrees: 2 min water breaks; each half shortened by 5 minutes

  • 100-105 degrees: 2 min water breaks; each half shortened by 10 minutes

  • 105 degrees: play suspended


1. Coaches are required to download FREE WeatherBug App and utilize it to insure safety if storms are forecasted. 

2. If Thunder occurs, the APP should be used to by clicking the Spark tab at the bottom of the page to determine if there is lightening is detected within 10 miles of your location.  If lightening is detected within 10 miles of the location, all coaches and players are required to clear the field, benches and stadium seats and seek shelter. STAY AWAY FROM METAL OR TREES. 

3. There is a required 30 minute wait period if there are no other lightning strikes, however, every new lightning strike within the 10 miles radius restarts the 30 minute timeclock. 

What to do?

1. All players, coaches, referees, parents must seek immediate shelter if there is a building close. If not, they should go to their cars. 

2. Training will be considered finished if there is less than 45 minutes remaining in training when lightening is detected. 

3. Parents should not drop off players if there is a weather delay. 

4. If there is threatening weather, parents should stay at the field until the conclusion of practice. 

5. Coaches are not permitted to leave players unattended. SAFTEY IS THE PRIORITY.


Please always remember that playing on a field under any of the conditions listed below can damage the field and make it unplayable, for everyone, for the rest of the season. All play on any park athletic field is prohibited whenever:

  • The field is closed for renovation or repair

  • Water is standing on the field

  • One half inch of rain or more has fallen within the previous 24 hours

  • Soil is frozen

  • Soil is wet and “spongy”

  • The ground is muddy and soil clumps or clings to shoes

  • Steady rain is falling

  • A lightning/electrical storm is occurringThe field is deemed unplayable by FFC Park Staff 


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